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Dental & Medical Products – Kilgore International offers an expansive product line in the Dental and Medical fields. Kilgore International partnered with Nissin in 1987 to help bring the best Dental products for Student as well as Patient Education.

Dental & Medical Products

The Dental Products range from tooth to model specific for the following disciplines:  Anatomy, Hygiene, Crown and Bridge, Implant/Overdenture, Periodontal, Endodontic, Restorative, Prosthodontic, Orthodontic, Surgical, Radiograph, Pediatric, Simulation Heads with an array of Mounting Systems to fit our customer’s needs.  Kilgore International specializes in both the School Curriculum as well as Patient Education models.  We have also had the opportunity to create models used in courses for some of the Top Implant Companies in the world.  Our ability to customize has had a profound impact on our success with our Schools and the companies we deal with on a day to day basis.

Kilgore International has been a proud distributor for Somso out of Germany since our inception.  All of the Medical Products are handmade, painted and known for the highest quality.  The detail put into each product is second to none.  Our Medical Products are specific to:  Anatomy of Hair & Skin, Bone, Brain, Digestive Organs, Ear, Extremities & Joints, Eye, Heart, Nose & Larynx, Reproductive, Spine, Torso, and Urinary.  These Medical Products have been used with great success in Schools, Hospitals and Doctor’s Offices all over the U.S. and Canada.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your Dental and Medical needs whether that is for practice or educating.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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